Ansaldo STS SpA directs and coordinates companies operating on the international markets as suppliers of complete rail transport systems and the related auxiliary systems for signalling, control and security. As such, Ansaldo STS SpA is committed to environmental protection on two fronts:

  • the Company pursues a policy for continuously improving the environmental performance of its processes;
  • the Company markets increasingly sophisticated, secure and reliable transport systems, in order to provide incentives for their use.
  • Strategic orientation and managerial approach

For this purpose, the Company has adopted an environmental policy and implemented an environmental management system, defining the organisation, the responsibilities, the operating means and the investments necessary, thereby committing itself to the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Ensuring compliance with regulations applicable to its processes, in the different countries where the subsidiaries are required to do business, by formalising procedures that facilitate the awareness of the regulatory framework of reference;
  • Identifying environmental aspects significant for the reduction and the control of the related environmental impact;
  • Defining indicators for easily checking the performance.

The ISO 14001 standards and the EMAS regulations represent the model that Ansaldo STS has indicated to its subsidiaries for development of operating systems whose certification constitutes the tool for developing an environmental awareness on the part of both internal personnel and suppliers and subcontractors.

Innovation and broad-based implementation of good practices

The requirements of the market and the experience that some of the subsidiary companies have gained in this regard have led to the development of environmental management systems with subsequent certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standards and the EMAS regulations. Ansaldo STS is committed to extending this programme to all companies of the Group. The following table illustrates the present status of the certifications secured or in the process of being secured:

 Country    France    Italy    Pacific    Spain    Sweden    UK    USA  
 The company has formalised the environmental policy.    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes    No    Yes    Yes 
 The company has formalised an environmental management system.    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes    No    Yes    Yes 
 The environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified.    Yes    Yes    No    No    No    Yes    No 
 The company intends to certify the management system.    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes 
 Target for certification   2008 2003 2009 2009 2009 2004 2010

Communications, training and information

All employees and external associates (suppliers/contractors) involved in operations at the head offices of the Ansaldo STS subsidiaries are required to participate in a training/information programme about environmental management when they become affiliated with the Company. Depending on the specific processes of each company and the related environmental aspects, subsequent training sessions are conducted in order to instruct the personnel in relation to the environmental management system requisites applicable to their activity. The Company holds a register of all training programmes administered to the personnel operating at the various companies. The training sessions are held by personnel knowledgeable in the field involved, and are documented by the personnel responsible for their execution.

General environmental information

The activities carried out at the Ansaldo STS subsidiaries are essentially office activities for which Ansaldo STS ensures the total control, including with regard to environmental aspects. There are a series of productive sites which are managed in a manner completely consistent with environmental protection concepts. Such sites also fall within the field of application of the certifications secured and to be secured. The Italian productive site has also secured EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme) registration.

Water resources management

The consumption of water resources is exclusively linked to sanitary use, and is controlled.

Production and management of special waste materials

The activity carried out at the offices is not the type that generates special waste materials. Photocopiers and office machines under lease require the owner to provide for the management of the waste materials (toner, broken or obsolete equipment, spare parts). In addition, the service maintenance is contracted to an external company that operates with its own stable personnel, and provides for the disposal of substitute components (e.g. neon tubes).

Energy consumption, CO2 emissions, emissions trading and other emissions

Essentially related to heating, lighting and electric motive force, the consumption of energy is controlled and is in line with the levels of consumption registered for similar activity.

Management of hazardous substances

The processes carried out at the offices do not contemplate the use of hazardous substances.

Substances damaging the ozone layer

The office facilities have no substances that could cause damage to the ozone layer.